Implementation Pick by voice

Our client is one of the major global players in the 3PL market where innovation plays a crucial role in the business. In the role as program manager from one of the global Innovation Centers, WeY managed the further rollout of innovations.

Customer Anonymous
Segment Supply chain management
Implementation <span>Pick by voice</span>


The goal for our client was to get a total of 74 sites "live" on "Pick by Voice" in the warehouse order picking process. In addition, the assignment was to promote other innovations such as drones, cleaning and wrapping robots, for example.


The initiation and realization of the various implementations was made possible through intensive cooperation with responsible colleagues from the various global regions. The various suppliers who carried out the actual implementations were also involved.


The challenges included:

  • Adoption of new unknown technology in the different countries
  • Timely availability of required hardware (equipment) at the sites (customs etc)
  • Limited availability of local colleagues
  • Timely decision making of country management on the business cases and investments; also in relation to volatile currency developments