Nationwide implementation central frozen products delivery

Our customer is a nation wide super market with distribution from 6 warehouses. In order to consolidate a couple of DC's were closed requiring re-arranging other DC's.

Customer Anonymous
Segment Logistics
Nationwide implementation <span>central frozen products delivery<span>

The assignment

The interim implementation manager DV is responsible for all frozen food deliveries to a nationwide network of local supermarkets. His assignment was to consolidate 3 out of 6 DC’s into a central DC for frozen products delivery. This was part of integral consolidation into 1 central DC for product delivery into a large amount of local store. The throughput time for this assignment was 6 months

Our approach

  • Define a project planning with a detailed overview of tasks and responsibilities. This program charter to be discussed with client and relevant project members and stakeholders. Overall coordination of program execution
  • Organise kick off meetings and evaluations with 3 sales region in order to create engagement and manage expectations for future steps (the last 3 DC’s)
  • Perform stock analysis to optimise inbound volume and utilization of DC space. As a result a new distribution plan was delivered and push back racks were ordered
  • Analyse and correction of supplier invoices, optimising the back office process and training of employees
  • Analyse Inventory management and financial processes, determine and implement (quick) wins


Execution and completion according to plan and timelines. All local supermarkets will be delivered out of a central DC. Our customer as well as regional sales companies and local supermarkets were satisfied with the result and the way to this result was accomplished.