Relocation and start-up of new warehouse for high-tech company

Our customer is a high tech company with the need to relocate there current warehouse and start up a new one. This with the challenge not to disturb current operations. 

Customer Anonymous
Segment Logistics
<span>Relocation and start-up of new warehouse </span> for high-tech company

Some of these challenges were carried out by a WeY consultant with great enthusiasm and a good result (within time and budget):

  • Supervising a relocation of several locations to the new warehouse, in which ongoing operations had to "continue" unhindered. 
  • Providing management support at operational startup of the new warehouse.
  • Setting up the new engineering department. 
  • The approach during the 1.5 year assignment had the following characteristics:
  • Presenting and validating the proposed strategy and plan of action. 
  • Stakeholder management among logistics service provider and client.
  • Handson mentality where problems were solved pragmatically.
  • Lots of connection with the floor.
  • Only let go when something was "mature" enough .
  • Periodic reporting and revision of objectives if needed. 
  • Fun!

Why this assignment was so successful? the use of a consultant who had knowledge of the logistics processes as well as the processes of the high-tech company. The consultant was seen as the connector between different parties and his flexible attitude ensured a fast and solution-oriented switch. This resulted in a significantly increased output and an operation capable of further optimizing this output.


>   Warehouse consolidation, Move to new warehouse without disrupting operations.

>.  Improved output, Implementation of dashboards contributed to improved output in the operation.