Temporary control of distribution center

There was no direct leadership in the respective distribution center, no stability and a lot of unrest on the floor (approximately 90 employees) and resulting quality problems. Daily involvement of the management and project management agent was necessary. Also poor financial return over a long period.


The temporary (for 6 months) management of the operation of a distribution center in the role of interim project leader; realizing productivity improvement and process optimization and training a new future project leader.


First of all, peace and stability to be restored on the floor. Also:

  •  implemented reorganization in the team;
  • intensive coaching of a number of key-user employees;
  • compliance with procedures, emphasizes rules and house rules;
  • the right employees deployed in the right place;
  • new consultation structure deployed, with strict control over this;
  • daily planning highly optimized; depending on the daily changing volume of packages, the right staffing, the right quality of employees deployed in the right place;

A continuous improvement process was initiated through better communication and coaching. New team leader hired and intensively trained and coached for two months and then brought to the role of new project leader.


Thanks to a good transfer and securing of the interim project leader, the new permanent project leader is able to continue the chosen path, so that the optimization of the operation is well anchored.

Results achieved