Logistic Optimization Value Added Services

Our client is an international logistics service provider where Value Added Services are provided on a contract basis for a large Japanese / British machine manufacturer.


The job offer is growing and the customer is moving more and more work from the country organizations to the VAL activities. The work varies from a few simple operations to complex machine conversion work with a few hours of machining time.

The relationship with the customer is difficult, agreements are not clear and the operation is hectic. The pressure on output and quality is great.


Make an inventory of what is necessary to create peace of mind in the operation, organize it properly and come to correct and clear agreements with the customer.


After an inventory of the situation, it appears that the VAL activities currently require a disproportionate amount of management support. It was decided to take up part-time interim management of the department to relieve the current management and to pay more attention to the customer relationship.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand for the assembly work, the production department has been converted to a line concept. As a result, the individual task times have been split into simpler shorter tasks. This has drastically improved controllability, quality and flexibility.

The introduction of the line concept has made the production organization more manageable and works with line coordinators. Various LEAN tools have been introduced and a lot of clarity has been created. Clarity, tranquility, more attention and therefore productivity improvement and quality improvement have led to a better customer relationship.

This has created a situation in which the agreements with the customer can be clearly recorded in SLAs and measurable with KPIs.

Results achieved

More efficient organization
Improved customer relationship with mutual understanding
Clearly recorded agreements based on measurable results