More than just an agency

"For me, WeY is more than just an agency for interim management. In addition to the assignments they deliver for me, WeY is primarily a sparring partner for my business."

Jon Kuiper, Group managing director


WeY fits in perfectly

"In every single case, WeY is closely involved in our challenges. If we are looking for someone who needs to perfectly fit into our organization, we call WeY."

Koen Beckers, Global Purchasing & Supply Director


Great feeling

"For WeY, every assignment is a challenge and they always come up with a solution. WeY really act as a business partner, which gives me a great feeling.

Wil Westerburger, Director of Operations


WeY supports me

"As an interim professional I have done 3 assignments for WeY and I have experienced that they really know how to guide projects.
Now as a client, I am on the other side of the table, but the relationship with WeY has not changed; they help me where I need a change in my business in a short time. "

Chris Cooijmans, Director Gist Europe


Great on the 'soft side'

"WeY: strong on the business side and extremely great on the soft side."

Wim van de Wiel, Director The Greenery


WeY takes extra effort

"When a project needs to be executed with urgency and if I have a lack of capacity, I work with WeY. Their assignments go beyond 'sending resumes' and my relationship with WeY is more than a customer-supplier relationship."

Michiel Olij, Director of M&A/Business Development