Shorten order lead times fashion customer

Our client is a top 10 player in transport and logistics services. At one of the locations, logistics services are provided for a fashion customer. It concerns online and retail logistics.

The implementation of the activities for this customer is proceeding at such a rapid pace that various logistics processes are lagging behind, backlogs arise and the customer cannot be offered the desired and promised service. This creates friction between service provider and customer.


WeY has been asked to take charge of the various departments and to bring them to the desired logistics service level.


Our approach has been:

  • Identify the logistical challenges of each department

  • Meeting with the customer and determine their wishes

  • Discuss with the client which level of service one can and must deliver

  • Eliminate backlogs

  • Redesign departments and processes

  • Train / coach managers

Results achieved

The departments involved are brought to the desired logistics level within 6 months
To the full satisfaction of the client and the underlying customer
During this period, the client was able to devote all attention to strategic issues that are important to them