Francien Boer

Francien has gained extensive experience in the employment industry in various management, sales and new business roles. As regional director, she was overall responsible for sales and customer relations in Central and Western Netherlands. In addition, Francien was responsible for cross border staffing for Tempo-Team and Randstad, in addition to the existing business. Especially with Poland, Portugal and Spain.

As a person she is goal-oriented, pragmatic, empathetic and connecting. Knowledge of optimization of business processes, lean, pool management and gain sharing. Over the years she has built up an extensive network in logistics, industry, food sector / retail and utilities. Francien works on challenges in the areas of Supply Chain, Operational Management, Process Improvement and other strategic projects.

Focus on Industry and Food market
Client Manager

Hollander Barendrecht

Hollander Barendrecht is a logistics service provider and strategic partner for storage, management and distribution of fresh and chilled products. In...

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Fabrikant van technische materialen

Situation (introduction) Technical materials manufacturer outsources the operation for the first time to a large, international logistics service p...

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Energie Netwerkbedrijf

The energy transition requires agility! Solar panels on the roof, offshore wind farms, gas from cow dung and electric cars in the streets. The ener...

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Verslogistiek Dienstverlener

Optimizing and implementing an existing forecast tool as standard working method within an Inventory Management / Purchasing department. The client...

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Our instructing party has been around for 25 years and is active in plants and pet supplies. Results are meager due to declining consumer spending. In...

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