Improvement of results at green warehouse

Our instructing party has been around for 25 years and is active in plants and pet supplies. Results are meager due to declining consumer spending. In the good times, we invested heavily in expansion. Cost-effective measures cannot prevent profit from continuing to fall. It is unable to meet its financing obligations and the necessary replacement investments are always delayed due to a lack of cash. The company and financier seem to be in a hopeless situation.


WeY Strategie Realisatie uses its recovery specialists.

  • Insight has been gained into revenue drivers and target groups
  • Insight into effect of reinvestment
  • Looking for a connection with a purchasing organization
  • Set up an alternative source of income


The bank cooperates with the plans and promises replacement investment and moderation of repayments. The new market approach leads to an increase of new customers. Sales recover and costs under control. Obligations can be met and profits are made again. The measures taken have restored the relationship with the bank.