Koopman Logistics Group is one of the larger logistics companies in the Benelux. What started in 1930 as a one-man company, has grown in the 21st century into an international company with about 900 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company has a total of 13 branches (www.koopman.nl).

One of the main activities is Automotive. Born is the loading point for all new BMWs and Mercedes cars in the Netherlands. There, the final inspection of cars takes place, any minor damage is repaired and cars are polished, after which they are delivered to the dealer.

The desired output expressed in cars/day lagged behind. The volume of new BMWs and Mercedes cars delivered from the factories continued to rise. In addition, a Mercedes tender for the preparation of young leased cars was running to put them back on the market. This was also known as Nearly New Car.

Objective of the contract

Increase the output significantly to improve the existing growing operation and allow the volume for Mercedes Nearly New Cars to be processed within the conditions set by the tender.


In increasing the output, we foccused on:

  • Significant reduction of lead time
  • Strong reduction of Work in Progress
  • Application of Lean principles in the work processes

The assignment was carried out by 2 interim managers of WeY, William Suijkerbuijk and Paul Klijsen. For William, the focus was on devising and implementing Lean Principles to shorten work in progress and lead time. For Paul Klijsen, the focus was on managing and optimizing the operation in change.


Koopman has been awarded the Nearly New Car Project and is up-and-running. Our assignment had made a big contribution to this result.

Results achieved

Increase in output
Shorter lead time
Significantly less
Work in progress

Jon Kuiper

Group managing director

“WeY is voor mij meer dan een bureau voor interim-management. Naast opdrachten die ze voor mij van tijd tot tijd uitvoeren is WeY voor mij vooral ook een sparring-partner voor mijn bedrijfsvoering.”