Digital energy networks thanks to GIS and SCADA integration

The energy transition requires agility!

Solar panels on the roof, offshore wind farms, gas from cow dung and electric cars in the streets. The energy transition means that the supply and demand of energy is constantly changing. Network companies have the “clean” task to prepare the Netherlands for a sustainable, safe and affordable future of energy!

These changes pose major challenges for Network Companies, given the insights and flexibility required.

Objective of the assignment:

For a leading Network Company, WeY was approached for the:

  1. Realization, implementation and migration of an existing SCADA environment to a new cyber secure redundant SCADA environment with completely new infrastructure. That includes new data center allys, hardware, software, networks and connections between different locations in the Netherlands.
  2. Development and realization of a link between GIS and SCADA-DMS for the digitization of the medium voltage network. In addition, links between IT and OT with associated cyber security.
  3. Making the functionality of SCADA available within the IT world on tablets, among other things.
  4. The migration of the existing SCADA system for GAS to integrated SCADA system for GAS and Electricity.

SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

This system collects, controls, processes and visualizes measurement and control signals from various devices in large industrial systems.


Cyber Security is one of the focus areas for these complex assignments that require highly specialized knowledge of SCADA-EMS / DMS, GIS and the IT and OT chain. Developing, testing and keeping everyone involved connected requires an agile / scrum way of working.

These complex assignments were carried out by a senior Interim project manager from WeY; Frank Sijbers.


By moving creatively in this complex matter, Frank has succeeded in realizing these projects within the set time and budgeting and with smooth cooperation between all stakeholders.

For the supplier of the systems, this successful implementation / link means a Best Practice for other customers within their prospect portfolio.

Results achieved