My first month as a WeY consultant

28-10 Last month Marielle Boelhouwers joind WeY as a management consultant. Curious about her story?

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Follow by example

14-10 On 23th of September WeY discussed how we can contribute to sustainability. The session was facilitated by Willem Swager, director Finance & Operations EMEA of Patagonia 

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Can you help us building a digital community

30-9 WeY is exploring the thoughts on building a digital community, are you willing to help?

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WeY-Cycling Event 2022, a true example of successful outsourcing!

23-9 Last week we had another great cycle event. Lots of customers and interim professionals had a nice tour under the supervision of Leontien van Moorsel..

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WeY consultant on an expert training Industry 4.0

16-9 This week 2 consultants of WeY management consultancy joined an expert training at the Industry 4.0 maturiy centre..

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WeY goes "off shore" part two

2-9 in a sequel of sessioen WeY went on a boat trip to discuss actual Supply Chain topics

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WeY goes "off shore"

10-6 In June WeY invited a group of Supply Chain relations to have lunch on a boat a to discuss mutial challenges

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How to combine work and study @ WeY

22-4 Curious how Richard combines his work @ WeY with doing a masters...

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Bibiche van der Heijden joined WeY

21-3  We are pleased to announce that as of march Bibiche joined the WeY team as a management consultant. 

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WeY visited the Industry 4.0 Maturity center

On March 25th the professional network of WeY went on a field trip to the Industry 4.0 Maturity Center in Aachen Germany. An inspirational visit where knowledge, innovation, networking and pleasure for the relations and interim managers were combined.

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The first 90 days at WeY

3-3 Jos den Ouden started his career as Consultant at WeY 90 days ago. You'll find his first impressions and experiences in his personal story.

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Eating Noodles with High Tech Industry

21-2 Last week WeY organized the first Noodle-session of this year, this time addressing supply chain challenges within the High Tech Industry

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WeY moves up to higher places

4-2 Moving up and moving forward

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Do you like Noodles?

21-1 Do you have a business challenge and do you like Noodles

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7-1 2022 will be a challenging year for Supply Chain and Operations. WeY defined a top 10 of Supply Chain and Operational challenges that our customers, interim managers and consultants will have to manage in 2022

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We welcome Jos den Ouden

03-12 We are happy to announce that Jos den Ouden joined WeY Strategie Realisatie.

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We wrapped up another complex project for a large grid operator

28-11 Out Collegue Thijs van Stuivenberg recently finished a challenging assignment.

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Another Greenbelt for WeY

19-11 Proud to annouce that 2 of our co-workers...

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Digital Supply chain, predicting the past?

12-11 Predicting the past? We believe that technologies change, but looking at Digital Supply Chain, please take care that you don’t make the same mistakes as in the middle of the nineties

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Operational excellence through milk runs

5-11 The phrase milk run was first used as early as 1917 to describe the process of distributing bottles of milk

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LP auditing; more then just an audit

22-10 Started as a mandated requirement for suppliers in the automotive, nowadays LPA deserves to be seen as more then just audits. It can be beneficial 

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WeY Prolonges it's SNA certificate

1-10 In september WeY was audited by SNA, again with a positive result

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WeY Cycling event 2021 

24-9 As a tradition WeY organised a cycling event in South Limburg

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WeY is expanding it's team with Roy Dings

1-9, We are proud to announce that Roy Dings is joining our team

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In conversation with Wim van de Wiel

6-8, Solving instead of selling is the basis for our relation..

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WeY EK Pool  Euro 2020, THE WINNER IS.......?

16-7 It is not all about work, trying to predict the European Championship football is fun as well. WeY organised an EK Pool with over 30 participant trying to out smart the other by predicting the right scores.

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Industry 4.0, next level of lean manufacturing

11-6 staying competitive in today’s global business environment requires continuous improvement in productivity, quality, agility, and customer intimacy. Companies in this situation may find hope in “Industry 4.0” improvements.

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Yellow, Green, Red or Blue

4-6 WeY Strategie Realisatie develops as a team by doing an Insights discovery team training. Who is yellow, green, red or blue. Or maybe a bit of both?

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WeY is developing Supply Chain Engineering

14-5 WeY Strategie Realisatie is combining the strength of their interim managers and management consulting and is developing Supply Chain Engineering

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16-4 Lean Six Sigma is a common method of improving your operations and respected companies train their employees into certified lean belts. Just by training people you do not create an environment of continuous improvement and often lean projects fail to yield their success because prerequisites are not met!

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9- 4 Are you curious how artificial intelligence can help us built a "sociotechnical organisation"? An interesting read of Ad Schalkx on interconnection between organization, processes and people supported by a digital twin of the physical organisation.

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25-3 How can we take the next step in integrating digital islands and take more advantage of our digital evolution in a supply chain?

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Richard Bakker joined WeY

19-3 As of february Richard joined the WeY team as a management consultant. Care to meet him...

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WeY trained it's own digital skills in MS teams

26-2 With digital supply chain management as key focus it is important to train our own digital skills. This time MS teams the subject...

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Learn how WeY optimized JDA WMS to improve business results

5-2 The customers operation was hugely loss-making, a very serious bleeder, the requirements of the end-customer were not being met and WeY was asked to help turnaround the situation....

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It’s time to increase our organizational heartbeat

29-1 The Covid-19 crisis caused a rapid migration to digital technologies. Both customers and businesses have leaped 5 years forward .....

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Is interim management still interim management?

18-12 The term interim management has eroded over the years and nowadays is something totally different..

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A systematic change approach in these time

14-12 Currently were often challenged to reinvent ourselves, whether it has been a shifting business model or the way we achieve our objectives. Especially the social aspects of...

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Another Blackbelt consultant at WeY Stragie Realisatie

4-12 This week, one of WeY's consultants Rene Helsloot successfully completed the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course. We're proud of that!

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Case study: how did WeY optimise transport flows

27-11 with increasing level of products and complexity, transportation flows needed improvement. How did WeY do that?

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The best cooks neglect their kitchen at home?!

20-11 WeY Strategie Realisatie stands for optimizing and digitizing processes for our customers. How about our own kitchen? Well.....

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Another challenging logistic project completed

13-11 How a dedicated interim professional of WeY helped a global Logistic service supplier introducing productivity management and a service tool

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SAFE agile project from the home office, after 8 months remote, these are my learnings

6-11 March of this year. A peak in the Corona infections. Communication from the client: Working from home is the standard in accordance with RIVM guidelines. How did I survive in an extensive safe agile project

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30-10 WeY has grown towards a strong niche consultancy firm in supply chain management, logistics, General and IT management. This by developing and maintaining our network. 

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23-10 This week WeY Strategie Realisatie and Van Voskuilen agreed to prolonge the use of a RPA solution.



5-10-2020 Last week WeY Strategie Realisatie succesfully past the audit to retain our SNA certificate. 


Sustainability as part of your company strategy? Why procrastination

02-10-2020 Ultimately, sustainability will be on all strategic agendas of companies, is my view. If it is not yet part of the mission and strategic objectives, it will after all become a “must”, whether or not forced by the environmental factors through the vision. The only question is within what period and to what extent this will happen

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WeY is riding the Elephant ride

he idea came from own of our relations: Last year WeY did Paris-Roubaix with a group of 30 customers, which challenge are we accepting for this year? It turned out to be the Elephant route.


VACANCY: WeY is looking for senior supply chain/operations customers

28-08-2020 WeY Strategie Realisatie is looking for supply chain/ operations customers who fit the profile of WeY. If you want to work with WeY, you have to think differently, out-of-the box and be courageous. You need to be a supply chain or operations manager in a multinational or large SME company. General managers may also respond.


Supply Chain Calls

09-07-2020 Every month WeY organizes “Corona-calls” for clients, with the purpose of exchanging experiences about the impact of Corona in daily life and in business.

The goal is to exchange experiences and learn from each other’s solutions about managing the supply chain in Corona-time ànd after-Corona.


S&OP Expert meeting for Senior Managers hosted by WeY Strategie Realisatie

29-06-2020 On Monday June 29th WeY hosted an S&OP Expert Meeting for Senior Managers. The main purpose was to share how large and/or complex organisations organize their S(I)&OP process and to identify potential bottlenecks and best practices for implementation.


Bill of Supplier

12-06-2020 A concept to control the supply chain.


Ramp-up of Supply Chains

05-05-2020 Prepare your organization and supply chain for this.


Succesful WeY Masterclass Digital Supply Chain

Last night we had de last editoin of our successful WeY Digital Supply Chain Masterclass in collaboration with the TU/e. Read more....

Preparation Parijs-Roubaix Challenge

On 13 april 2019, a select group of WeY clients and interim managers will ride a part of the legendary cycling route: Paris-Roubaix. Read more... (Dutch)

WeY Interim Manager pass their Green Belt!

WeY congratulate Ron Bliekendaal, Simon Dammer and Rufus Plantz with passing their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate.

Especially for our interim managers, WeY exclusively offers a training to obtain one or more Lean Six Sigma certificates in a relatively short period of time. Read more.... (Dutch) or contact us if you want to join!

WeY 15 years!

On Monday 12 November WeY celebrated its 15th anniversary with the people we have worked with in recent years, either as a client or as an interim manager or consultant. Guest speaker Christian Kromme (futurist, visionary, TEDx speaker and author) gave an inspiring presentation ""Humanification" about the impact of digitization on organizations and on society. We had a great and successful evening! (Dutch)

European Utility Week

Next week, WeY will be present at the European Utility Week (EUW) in Vienna. With more than 12,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors, the EUW is the leading utility trade fair in Europe.

WeY is present and will be looking for the latest developments on Digital networks, Energietransition, IoT, Energy storage, Smart Buildings and Blockchain. Offcourse, he will be meeting and connecting with several people. Want to meet? Please contact us!

New job

Are you our new enthusiastic colleague who wants to work on digital supply chain projects? WeY Management Consultancy is looking for a Business Consultant with common sense. Learn more? (Dutch)