WeY Strategie Realisatie helps accelerating energy transition in Zuid Limburg


In order to meet up with high ambitions of several climate agreements, the Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg decided to move the energy transition in this region to a higher gear. To reduce the amount of energy consumption and to stimulate durable production of energy in private owned homes, the ambition was set to create a durability experience center to advice citizens in this region.


WeY Strategie Realisatie was asked to drive this initiative with the goal to open this durability center in the autumn of this year. Setting up this public owned company involves initiating a new corporation (BV) the WoonWijzerWinkel Zuid Limburg with 7 municipalities as stakeholder, establish partnership with franchisor, arranging financing of the project, negotiate a business location and prepare launch of this durability center in 2020.

Rene Helsloot, senior business consultant at WeY Management Consulting is leading this project and is preparing the opening for autumn 2020. In close cooperation with the 7 participating towns, represented by their 7 councilors on Durability, WeY guided them through positive decision making of the 7 local counsels which all voted for participating in this publicly owned company. Currently the location of the WoonWijzerWinkel Zuid Limburg BV is being reconstructed and prepared for opening. Parallel a network of local companies working in the area of durability is being set up to fulfill the consumer demands which are expected to rise after opening of the WoonWijzerWinkel.

As THE durability center of the 7 participating municipalities, the main goals of the WoonWijzerWinkel are to inspire, inform and advice private homeowners and fulfill a marketplace role between consumer and installer market. Especially the independent role of the WoonWijzerWinkel as a publicly owned company, combined with the experience center where consumer can actually look and feel what durability means for them, will be the unique selling points.

Are you interested in this project and what WeY Strategie Realisatie can do for you, please visit are website or contact Rene Helsloot.

Results achieved

The brand WoonWijzerWinkel Zuid Limburg BV has been launched successfully in Parkstad last June, the new location and preparations will be ready in September and opening is foreseen in autumn of 2020.