Supply Chain Calls

Every month WeY organizes “Supply Chain-calls” for clients, with the purpose of exchanging experiences about the impact of Corona in daily life and in business.

The goal is to exchange experiences and learn from each other’s solutions about managing the supply chain in Corona-time ànd after-Corona. In our previous calls we talked about devising and applying various scenario’s.

The following topics were central to the agenda of 3 July:

  • Are we back to business as usual?
  • What are the main challenges fort he second half of 2020?
  • What challenges are there to make efficiency gains?
  • Which place will innovation take on the agenda for the year(s) to come

Final conclusions:

  •  ‘Business as usual’ is being reviewed again. Is the old ‘business as usual’ still the model for the future?
  • The economy is difficult to predict, including the scenarios required to be able to hitch on / anticipate. The scenarios must therefore be very diverse in order to be able to respond quickly to changing situations
  • Businesses are struggling with their current business models, what's the new / right business model and how do I get there?
  • Companies find it difficult to innovate now and to make money available for it, the counterpart is that no subsidy is also released if companies do not participate themselves.
  • Working remotely means that the negotiation with partners or new partners also gives another dimension (opportunities for Contact Brokers who bring the right networks to the table online).
  • How do you stay in touch with your employees despite the distance? Various ideas were shared.
  • If you are unable to plan or forecast properly, this is a challenge for the own organization but also for your suppliers, but you should still try to keep this group hooked. Sometimes you need them to scale up in a quick way, other times you have to scale down again.
  • Transport of products (large cities) but also internationally remains challenging.
  • From Macro economy to Micro economy is more likely for the period to come.
  • Scarcity of the right people in certain positions. Job differentiation can be a solution, or outsourcing non-core business.
  • Companies have to change in order to survive and to hitch on. That change of culture is a very difficult one for some companies. Awareness at all levels of the company helps to make this switch. The advantage is that Corona is a common “enemy”, so that the acceptance to do things differently leads to willingness.
  • Customer experience changes and therefore also requires a different approach.


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