Optimization prognosis tool within logistics

Optimizing and implementing an existing forecast tool as standard working method within an Inventory Management / Purchasing department.

The client is a logistics service provider within the Food (Semi-fresh / Fruit & Vegetables). The client's customer is a growing supermarket chain with a strong focus on fresh. The capacity of the department came under pressure due to the increasing volumes and dynamics in the chain. To support the ordering decisions, a forecast tool (customization) was available, but was not optimally used within the department.


WeY's assignment consisted of two sub-assignments:

  1. Integrate the use of the forecast tool as a standard working method within the department to support ordering decisions. An important point to continue to achieve the performance KPIs that were under pressure
  2. Improve collaboration within the organization; it is important that the Purchasing department plays a more proactive role towards the planning & control department


Analysis of the activities of the department and employees, and then including the department in a joint improvement process.

An important aspect to create support for change is a joint and people-oriented approach. The challenge is to let the members of the Purchasing department grow together towards a structural process of continuous improvement. We do this by including them in this process from the start and by challenging them to come up with solutions and apply them as a team, monitor and safeguard them according to the PDCA principle (Plan Do Check Act). Important point: making mistakes is allowed, but learn from the mistakes made and prevent them in the future!


Results achieved

Full acceptance and use of the possibilities F&R tool
Realization of a redistribution of the total work package within the department for the same workload
Active collaboration realized with other departments
Department strategy in combination with roadmap prepared