Continuity in Warehouse Management

After the departure of the warehouse manager in the Benelux distribution center, it was necessary to fill this position as soon as possible to ensure continuity of the operation. Due to the necessary changes and the departure of the Warehouse Manager, the atmosphere and thus the cooperation within the team was not optimal and this hindered a good performance. Warehouse processes were limited.


Temporary management of the operation of a distribution center in the role of interim warehouse manager. Ensure that the operation continues, that the team functions properly and that the transfer to a new warehouse manager can run smoothly.


First of all, continuity is ensured by recording the warehouse processes, and much attention has also been paid to coaching the team. The team worked together and enthusiastically on improvements in business operations.

  • Warehouse processes recorded
  • Establish team building through intensive coaching and common goals
  • Working in a more customer-oriented way by emphasizing “moments of truth”
  • Skills matrix created with employees
  • Emphasis placed on output, qualitative and quantitative
  • Continuous improvement plan started and future improvement potential defined

This has ensured a smooth transfer to the new warehouse manager. This has been worked in with a well-functioning team and has sufficient input for further optimization.


A well-functioning team and jointly working on continuous improvements together with a change in mindset has led to a warehouse team with a fresh impetus. Together with the recording of the current warehouse processes, this has ensured that the new manager is quickly trained and the organization is ready for further improvements.

Results achieved