Implementation digital services for housing corporation

An ambition becomes reality .... Thanks to the digital transformation in combination with ZOwonen's new innovative platform, customers can now easily and quickly arrange their home affairs online.

A digital transition

ZOwonen's ambition is to digitally support 80% of customer demand in 2019. That is why she completely revised her customer vision in 2015. The available digital resources, but also the organization, were not ready or not suitable for fulfilling this ambition. ZOwonen is now a leader when it comes to digital services. This was recognized in 2016 and ZOwonen received the digital award in the housing corporations category. WeY is responsible for project and implementation management and collaborates with Mirabeau, Valid and Itris, among others.

Dreams become reality

ZOwonen's ambition has been used to test the existing digital situation. Based on this, WeY issued advice and helped the organization with the selection of a new internet agency. The online strategy was then elaborated and translated into a concept and a backlog. WeY has fulfilled the project management and the role of product owner. The most viable product was delivered in a number of sprints. Work is now going on to create a most lovable product that has to connect seamlessly to the processes. Nice living, the slogan of the website, is now fully established at ZOwonen and is now also part of the business plan. In the meantime, ZOwonen has tilted its organization and redesigned its processes. WeY ensures the transition by means of an implementation manager. WeY ensures that ZOwonen also sparkles digitally.

Results achieved

Customer rating
> 250,000
page views per month
ZOwonen wins the Digital Award for housing associations