WeY congratulates Rene Helsloot on achieving Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

This week, one of WeY's consultants Rene Helsloot successfully completed the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course. We're proud of that!

WeY consultants have made their mark in various industries. Through their experience, they know better than anyone else that it is important for an organization to learn and to continue improve: continuous improvement, the same goes for our consultants.


At WeY, creating value for customers comes first

Lean Six Sigma is focused on improvement, with the aim of creating as much value as possible for the customer. Delivering quality is the most important. Lean and Six Sigma are different philosophies but complement each other perfectly, this is the reason why they are often applied together. WeY's consultants are familiar with these philosophies and are eager to apply them to your business.

Practical, result-oriented, fact-based, that’s WeY.