Layered Process Auditing (LPA) deserves to be seen as more then just an audit

Started as a mandated requirement for suppliers in the automotive, nowadays LPA deserves to be seen as more then just audits. It can be beneficial as a continuous improvement tool, a quality insurance tool and as a tool to improve communication between management and operations.

LPA promotes the common interest of managers and operators in the organization. The audits only take 10 minutes on different levels at different frequencies. For example, team leader every shift, department heads every week, next level managers every month and plant managers quarterly. Good designed questionnaires assure that key work steps are being performed properly, through observation, evaluation and conversations on the line by different layers of management. In LPA there is place to update questions and adjust the questionnaire to give extra attention to current circumstances and high risk issues.

Well-designed layered audits help eliminate human error and insure that parts and products are produced right the first time. Since the checks are repeated daily and conducted by all layers of management, it’s likely that process errors will be found early. If the LPA check sheet questions are well developed, LPAs will proactively minimize process variation and the result will be evident in process, product and financial metrics. Plants that have embraced LPAs have found that the payback is very significant. At its essence, LPA facilitates two-way communication between management and operations. These interactions strengthen trust and demonstrate shared interest in work being done right.

Consultants of WeY can help your organization to take advantage of the benefits that are provided by a well-designed LPA. It can bring your organization to a next level and helps to continue improve, supported by all levels in the organization.