Joint venture of WeY and Bluepond helps digitizing back office activities by RPA

After a pilot period of 6 weeks WeY Strategie Realisatie and Van Voskuilen agreed to prolonge the use of a RPA solution and to create a roadmap for further digitizing processes. Goal is to reduce workload by implementing other robots and as a result be able to focus more on change topics.

WeY Strategie Realisatie as a business integration partner and Bluepond as technology partner introduced RPA at Van Voskuilen as a solution to reduce efforts in operational processes. A robot was built to automate manual tasks for received selfbilling invoices.

Feedback of Van Voskuilen: "WeY and Bluepond delivered what they promised and we are satisfied on how the project was excuted with our own team members. The performance of the robot is good and we became enthusiastic about the potential of automation"

The implemented robot fulfills a range of consequetive tasks for processing self billing invoices.

Employees save time not doing repetetive an boring tasks and can focus on more value add activities.

The joint venture of WeY and Bluepond RPA solutions offers a practical and low effort implementation on recurring tasks. Explore the range of possibilities and check  this video (dutch spoken).