Sharing is still multiplying, but who still understands that?

For both Interim Management and Management Consultancy "sharing is still multiplying", but who still understands that in the present time? How does an agency like WeY do that? 

WeY facilitates a network organization where clients, interim managers and consultants communicate with each other in a network about their field of expertise. By sharing network WeY is a catalyst. The communication is sometimes theme-oriented and often task-oriented.  

In theme sessions, under the guidance of an expert, ideas are exchanged on how to tackle problems in a specific field. In the assignment sessions, a specific assignment/problem is discussed in a smaller setting and feedback is given by external experts to the interim manager and client. 

This working method has not changed in the current Covid-19 crisis period. Of course, it has led to more creative ways of contacting our network, where digitization is deployed.  

WeY has lasting relationships with people who are sometimes interim manager, sometimes consultant or sometimes client. Long-term relationships always take precedence over short-term gain.  

That is why clients are the big winners! 

With this way of working weY has grown starting in 2003 to a niche player in the field of Supply Chain, Operations, ICT and General Management, with a fixed group of high quality professionals (customers, interim managers and consultants) ensures good solutions and successful assignments, in which the profession of Interim Management and Management Consultancy is central.