The best cooks neglect their kitchen at home?!

WeY Strategie Realisatie stands for optimizing and digitizing processes for our customers. How about our own kitchen?


In any kitchen is room for improvement, this applies to WeY as well. This is why digitizing our own processes was one of our goals for 2020. By implementing a new time registration tool in December WeY finalizes a set of implementations of digital solutions to optimize our administrative back office tasks.

First, in H1 of 2020, WeY implemented salesforce as new CRM system. Main driver was to create a single point of “truth” regarding our interim professional data, our customer data, our sales funnel and project/ commercial data. Optimizing this part of our administration helps us assuring our SNA certificate and commit to legislation as DBA.

Currently WeY is implementing a new time registration and invoicing tool in order to simplify back office tasks. Also part of this implementation is to standardize our administrative processes as much as possible to be able to implement an of the shelve IT tool. We choose to implement the tool Yoobi which will enable us to fully automate time sheets, customer approval, billing and debt and credit management. In our kitchen this was done with a paper trail and mainly manual. By implementing Yoobi we hope to minimize effort and room for error.

Our interim professionals and customers benefit as well from digitizing this part of our back office. For interim professionals filling their time sheets will be simpler and because invoicing will be automated, we will be possible to create a self-billing invoice for our interim professionals and payments. Our customers benefit from an automated approval and a digital trail on timesheets and expenses sheets. Looks like a win-win-win.

Nice to know as good cooks our consultants implemented those tools ourselves, though with some help of Salesforce and Yoobi of course. 

Being our customer or our interim professional, WeY will contact you the upcoming period on how this implementation will impact you.

Want to learn more about our cooking abilities, please contact us.