Join a "Noodle session"?

Solve your business-challenge by using our expertise and network: join a "Noodle -session" A Noodle session......?!

This is the default text that we end each website page with. Now you may or will be thinking; Nice but in the end there is a commercial purpose behind this.....

Please note. It is not my goal to advertise through this LinkedIn message.

What I want to describe is one of the tools that we use within WeY to help our partners connect, namely “the noodle session”. Noodle session? Yes, literally a noodle session.

The origin of our noodle session and the story behind it

The noodle session arose spontaneously a few years ago. A good customer indicates that it is struggling with a challenge and within WeY we try to tackle it directly from our DNA. We do this, among other things, by approaching knowledge holders within our large network to think along.

Due to everyone's full schedule, daytime is not an option. Then we do it at WeY in the evening with a plate of noodles?! Said so done. Client invited, a few interim managers/knowledge holders invited within our network, own consultant(s) and of course called the local Chinese takeaway. In short, an evening of accessible joint brainstorming about the challenge, resulting in a number of solution scenarios. The customer is happy with the solutions and at the end of the evening the various Linkedin invitations are sent out.

Since everyone liked this so much, this noodle session was the 1st of now regularly recurring events. Taking into account the Corona measures, the last sessions are unfortunately via Teams without the noodles, but the core idea remains. Helping each other by connecting and sharing knowledge without aiming for direct financial gain.


The most important core value of WeY is connecting by sharing knowledge and partners. We are convinced of the power of working together with our partners. Partners are (potential) customers, our interim managers, our own employees and companies that work together with WeY.

The noodle session was spontaneously introduced within WeY with the aim of connecting and as such to strengthen the WeY community. A noodle session is therefore primarily intended to help by listening, to connect by sharing knowledge without direct profit. From this point of view, WeY's DNA also fits into the philosophy of the economy of meaning.

In short: What can we do for you?

ps. As soon as the Corona measures allow it….. it can also be pizzas!