No year end gifts from WeY

This year WeY choose to take a different approach on end year gift's....

As a token of appreciation, our business partners, customers as well as interim professionals, were used to receive a nice and usefull WeY gift in the end or beginning of the year. This tradition has grown over the years to show gratitute for our collaboration and being part of our WeY network. This year we decided that it is time to start a new tradition!

In our drive to contribute more than just doing business and be meaningfull on sustainabilty and for others, WeY decided to spend our budget on year end gifts for a good cause. That is why this year we donated this budget to charity, to the Toon Hermans Huis in Roermond. 

The Toon Hermans huis in Roermond is one of 6 houses in Limburg, where people faced with or on the rebound of cancer can get support on the emotional part of their physical desease. It is a meeting place for fellow sufferers and near beloved ones to share there experiences and to talk with eachother, guided by well educated and experienced hosts. Donations are vital for the existance of the Toon Hermans houses and WeY feels it is important to support them in their meaningful role in a decease, unfortunatly, a lot of us have some kind of experience or relation with.

Today we visited Ger Spee, director at the Toon Hermans Huis, in Roermond and handed over a cheque. We were impressed of the meaningfull activities and hope that our donation will have a humble contribution for the Toon Hermans huis and people in need for help.

In bringing this gesture WeY is confident that you, as a close business partner, support the start of this new tradition.  That said WeY wishes everybody a healthy and succesfull 2023, we are looking forward to work with you.