S&OP Expert meeting

On Monday June 29th WeY hosted an S&OP Expert Meeting for Senior Managers. The main purpose was to share how large and/or complex organisations organize their S(I)&OP process and to identify potential bottlenecks and best practices for implementation. Nowadays, since the fluctuations in demand and supply are a daily topic, the S(I)&OP process becomes more and more critical to ensure operational and financial efficiency.

This network event kicked off with a small bite and an informal get-to-know-eachother. After highlighting the importance of the Covid-19 measures, the session started. The session was facilitated by Filip Patteet, Leonid Trotsenko and Gurgen Melkonyan from Advanced. Filip and his team gained their extensive experience with S(I)&OP at Unilever, using the purpose build S&OP software from Anaplan.


We started the session with a brief introduction of the 12 participants and their professional background, and interest in the topic. The participants contributed with experience from various industries like FMCG, Industry, Contract logistics, Aerospace and Food. This wide array of participants, the intention and the appetite to share knowledge and experience, made things very interactive and lively.


Filip and his team elaborated extensively on the hurdles, pitfalls and advantages of having a controlled S(I)&OP process in place. They interactively highlighted, supported with practical examples, on:

  • The possibilities of S&OP planning, and integrating different planning cycles (financial planning, constraint planning etc) into one integrated real-time S&OP planning.
  • The possibilities of using Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence for forecasting.


We concluded the evening with a short interactive discussion about the possible implementation challenges, software features and potential change management challenges.


WeY regularly facilitates its network of passionate professionals with high level knowledge sharing events like seminars, on-topic discussions and masterclasses. We believe that performance improvements can only be achieved by sharing knowledge and experience. WeY facilitates this by connecting relevant professionals that can support each other from this perspective.


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For more information about the session, contact Eric Yntema at WeY (mob: +31-6 29022924).