WeY celebrates by donating

WeY is celebrating it's 20th birthday and the opening of our new work loft @Strijp-S. We are looking forward to you visiting us on the 6th of october! Instead of nice presents we prefer you to donate to a good cause. 

Use the QR code or donate using this link to support the veteranen search team! 

Although we appreciate (personal) presents on our birthday, WeY would like to gather donations for a good cause. This year we would like to collect for the veteranen search team. WeY supports them as a team of specialists helping in search of missing persons. The veteran search team consists of former veterans and other uniformed personal, supporting police actions to recover missing persons.


When donating is possible to receive an invoice. You can send an email to businessclub@veteranensearchteam.nl addressed to Rien Geurts with your requests.