Our 2023 WeY Cycling Event

Cycling is in our vains, join our yearly event on the 16th of September

@Wey we like a challenge. Besides helping our customers with challenging assigments within there organisation, we like to stretch in cycling as well.

Maybe you allready joined one of our cycling events in the past years. In our recent events we drove Parijs-Roubaix, the elephant drive and last year a training by Leontien van Moorsel on a cycling track.

On 16th of September this year WeY is organising our 2023 Cycling event. With our partner Tehava/Isaac Cycles we planned a nice ride on the Veluwe near the Posbank. Besides building great bikes, Tehava/ Isaac Cycles is used to organise these business events, including motards, lunches etc. All levels of cyclist can join a group which suites your pace.

If you want to stretch with WeY in our annual cycling event? Please contact one of our Client managers.