WeY goes "off shore"

WeY is about connecting businesses and people. Wether it is a "bami sessie", a sport event, inspiration session or otherwise, discovering common ground or connect people to solve problems that's what we do.

This month WeY invited a group of Supply Chain Business Relations to discuss an important “hot topic”, namely:

“How to manage growth in the current economic developments such as lack of raw materials, lack of spareparts and last but not least, the lack of human resources”.

The former Customs Patrol Boat with fresh lunch from “Schippersvolk” and “Piushaven Culinair” were excellent hosts on the calm water of the Wilhelminakanaal in Tilburg.

During the trip, a lively discussion about this topic led soon to exchanging experiences and advices about leadership in the context of attracting and retaining personnel. The insights were not spectacular surprising, but all the guests were inspired to hear about other companies dealing with the same challenges.

A few one-liners were shared during the boattrip:

  • “Beter bring the bad news and be clear about it; don’t beat around the bush”
  • “Be genuine in your interest in your employees”
  • “Companies that grow, need people who grow and develop competences”
  • “Building confidence; creating trust is key to keep your employees on board”
  • “To grow you need insight in the end-to-end supply chain”
  • “Don’t rule from the ivory tower; be on the floor and talk to people, be human”

WeY thanks all participants for the interesting and inspiring discussion; we are looking forward to the next Supply Chain Boatlunch in July !