WeY goes "off shore", part 2

Once again the former Customs Patrol Boat “Patroel” was the scene of the second en third WeY Supply Chain Boat Lunch in August.

A sunny afternoon, a fresh lunch and good company of Supply Chain Managers related to WeY, resulted in a lively discussion and sharing experiences on the topic “How to manage growth in the current -turbulent- economic climate”.

The weather seemed to become the most disruptive factor on August 4th, but we’ve managed to keep the “flow” under control by starting with a stand-up introduction at the waterfront until the captain came to pick us up to set direction to the beautiful green surroundings of the Wilhelminakanaal in Tilburg.

Fortunately the 24th of August was a very sunny, blue sky, afternoon on the water. The kick-off with coffee on shore, was the start-up for exchanging experienses on the challenges in the end-to-end supply chain, followed by a beautiful tour and lunch with our wonderfull hosts of “Schippersvolk” and “Piushaven Culinair”

The challenges of exponential growth are recognisable to all participants: availabilty of components, spare parts; cost-increasing materials in the supply chain leading to high prices; availability of human resources and retention of good talent.


A summary of topics were discussed:

  • Shortage in the aftermarket/ services caused by shutdown of productionplants in China
  • Bullwhip-effect creating disbalanse in supply and demand
  • Unpredictable delivery times
  • The power of multinationals in claiming critical components on a global level
  • World trade out of balance
  • Just-in-Time deliveries under pressure
  • Is company turnover-growth real growth after inflation adjustment ?
  • Growth in consumermarkets will decrease


Suggestions to consider:

Work on your corporate culture. 

Strengthening cooperation with external parties:

e.g. create less workload by sharing resources; exchange staff with other companies; consider mutual accountmanagement

  • Live and cherish your core DNA; other competences can be a flexible layer
  • Ongoing: automated working processes
  • Pay attention to the work/live balance of your staff
  • Growing is key; but not at all costs. Your organisation has to keep in pace with the turn-over growth.
  • Align universities and schools as early as possible with your organisation
  • Global recruiting needs a proper onboarding (dual language culture as a standard)
  • Leadership is key (social behaviour and true attention at all levels; clear goals; open culture; open to feedback; insight in roadmap/next steps; attention to successes)
  • Digitisation (creating platforms with mutual steering information to lead new developments)
  • Creating a culture of innovation and change will attrack the new generation of employees

All attendees gave their vision on the statement: “Further growth or shrinking business ?” The mindset was mainly positive on the expecting development of growth in general, with some caution on the growth development in the consumermarket.

After a lively conversation, WeY invited all to join lunch and to get further acquainted.

We thank all guest for being on board with us !