Visit to Industry 4.0 maturity center

On March 25th the professional network of WeY went on a field trip to the Industry 4.0 Maturity Center in Aachen Germany. An inspirational visit where knowledge, innovation, networking and pleasure for the relations and interim managers were combined.

The Industry 4.0 Maturity Index starts with the believe that progress is a combination of vision and drive. This maturity index enables our clients to drive digital transformation in both systemic and economic ways.  Decision making is more data-driven and based on real-time information.

During the tour, two real life production plants were visited. Both plants represented how Industry 4.0 principles can be incorporated in daily practices. Several innovations were implemented such as 5G positioning, robot learning, augmented reality and data driven process optimalization.

We look back at a fun and meaningful day for the network of WeY professionals and look forward to expand our knowledge to help clients.

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