Doing a master in Management

Working full time and doing a part time master in Management

It’s Richard again! I am already working for more than one year at WeY and having a great time. In this post I would like to share my story about how I combine a parttime master in Management with my fulltime job at WeY.

Let me take you back to where it all began. In 2017 I finished my bachelor in business management and I started my professional career. After a few years I noticed I was hungry for education and the idea was born to subscribe for a master degree. However, I was not willing to quit working and become a fulltime student again. Luckily, I found a parttime study at the Open Universiteit starting with a pre-master followed by a 2-years program. I subscribed and so this adventure started almost 2,5 year ago.


The master ‘Management’ focuses on Management Science. During the first year some general topics like strategy, organizing, change management, marketing, resources and finance are taught. In the second year a specialization needs to be made, I chose to specialize in Marketing & Supply Chain Management.


Currently, I am working on my master thesis, which is about digital supply chain. In my research I am looking for the factors, which will help organizations to achieve a digital supply chain divided in the following categories: technical resources, ICT and data, human resources, organization structure and culture.


You might wonder why one would voluntarily subscribe for a master and having to write a master thesis again?! Honestly, during the process of writing the thesis I also found myself asking the same question. Writing a master thesis is not an easy job however, I would make the same choice again and I will tell you why.

The first reason why I started this study is to develop myself. In my assignments I hold roles, in which I constantly work with people at managerial levels. I think it is important to understand what drives them and how they are looking at their daily business.

Secondly, the study material brings my knowledge to the next level, which I can immediately use to help our customers.


To be successful in my work and my study I am getting a lot of support from WeY. They are giving me the opportunity (in time and work) to study and achieve my deadlines. WeY finds my development of such importance, that they make this study part of my personal development and target plan. Also, they helped me to get in contact with the right people, who could contribute to my research. As a result I had 15 interviews with people from the network of WeY, which helped me a lot!


Cool company, right? WeY recognizes that personal development is really important for the consultants and therefor for WeY. That is why WeY facilitates in different trainings for their consultants,  such as the black belt and the APICS training. The knowledge I personally gain with the master degree and the thesis I write on Digital Supply Chain fits the company’s vision and is for this reason very valuable for WeY and their customers.
All good things (hopefully) come to end. I plan to obtain my master degree in Management in July and I can’t wait to present my results and put them in practice.


Are you interested to work for WeY or in the outcome of my research, please get in contact with me!