Our network for future leaders in Supply Chain and Operations

Future leaders in Supply Chain

The most important asset of WeY is it's network. WeY NEXT is our community of future leaders within Supply Chain management and Logistics.

Our WeY NEXT network consists of young professionals within Supply Chain management. They are the future leaders in this field and may or may not work independently for leading companies in the contract logistics and mid- and high-tech industry.

WeY Next agenda

WeY NEXT connects its members by organising events on industry related topics and on themes such as personal leadership and work-life balance. The aim is to exchange knowledge and experiences in the development towards supply chain leadership.

Besides sharing knowledge, building connections within the profession is an important goal of WeY NEXT. Alone you go fast, together you get further!

Currently we are constructing our activity calender and keep you posted on our events. We organise events in a wide range, for example:

  • Company visits
  • Think tanks
  • Theme speakers
  • Fun events

Upcoming WeY NEXT events


Future leadership is not about being in charge, we believe in personal leadership in any role and by showing this by contributing to changes within the business. Are you a young professional in your second or third step in your carreer and do you want to connect with other future leaders?

WeY NEXT is about connecting to colleagues in the field, sharing and learning from each other. By doing so making a change.

Our WeY Next Ambassadors!

Marielle Boelhouwers

Mariëlle is a medior consultant with work experience in several industries. 

She obtained a double bachelor degree in business administration, specialized in International Hotel Management. After that she gained experience in the highly regulated financial and banking industry. 

She is known for having a constant overview and has a touch for bringing together different departments and reconnecting people when communication or development has stagnated. She has experience in project and change management and brings enthusiasm, drive, empathy and out of the box attitude. This makes people excited to work with her.

Marielle Boelhouwers

Marcel Hendrickx

With over 15 years' experience in SCM and (contract) logistics, I excel as a project and team leader in optimizing operations with a pragmatic, helicopter-view approach.

My expertise spans international road and air-freight transport, port-to-port logistics, and project management.

I've led teams but always position myself in the middle of them. Teamwork makes Marcel work (best). I'm known for my hands-on style, delivering tangible results while being realistic. 

Put me in front of a group, and I'll get things started. I'm a straightforward professional and hard worker, always aiming to deliver a tad more than expected.

WeY next ambassadeur

Marcel Hendrickx

Deborah Steen
WeY Next ambassadeur

Deborah Steen

Jos den Ouden

Jos is a highly driven consultant with a passion for unraveling complex matters and issues. He has the ability to identify core questions and then solve them using a step-by-step approach. With dual education in Business Administration and Civil Law, Jos brings a multidimensional perspective to his work. He has extensive experience in Supply Chain, IT, and their interface.

Jos is a versatile professional who can take on different roles – including program or project manager, business consultant, and implementation lead. He is known for his drive, guts, and structured approach – never afraid to voice his substantiated opinion. Jos thinks beyond the customer’s immediate problem and offers innovative solutions that keep the bigger picture in mind.

With a diverse portfolio of clients across industries, Jos has gained experience in retail, manufacturing, automotive, and (alternative) energies. His expertise and unique approach make him a valuable partner for businesses looking to grow and thrive.

WeY Next ambassadeur

Jos den Ouden

Subham Sahoo

As a forward-thinking business consultant pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration at Fontys University, I have successfully undertaken strategic projects showcasing my proficiency in automation, centralization, and strategic guidance. Additionally, my expertise extends to sustainability projects, as I currently contribute to WeY's initiatives, combining business insight with a focus on environmental responsibility. With a foundation in data science and a diverse skill set, I am poised to make meaningful contributions to drive success in dynamic business environments.

Subham Sahoo


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