PMO at implementation Transport Management System

For a large customer, active in supply chain and warehouse logistics, bringing live a new Transport Management System (TMS) was under great pressure. The impact of this go-live was of great importance to the company's customers. The high pressure from customers and the tight labour market made it a great challenge to realize the go-live.

Customer Anonymous
Segment Logistics
PMO at implementation <span>Transport Management System</span>

The approach and the results exceeded the expectations of the client, the go-live was realized within the desired timeframe with a motivated team. After this impactful change, the employees know how to find each other better and the qualities and competencies are better utilized. People are proud of what has been achieved and that benefits output and job satisfaction!

The WeY consultant who worked on this assignment was responsible for:

  • Setting up and monitoring timelines to realize the final golive
  • Forming a dedicated team
  • Drafting test scripts, performing User Acceptance, testing, and reporting on progress
  • Change management to familiarize new users with the new way of working

The approach chosen for this assignment with relatively short time frame was mainly pragmatic.

  • Direct communication with the people involved to identify needs and eliminate resistance.
  • Walk the Gemba; go out on the floor to understand the operational challenges and engage with the employees.
  • Investing in a good relationship with the team to get what was needed done in a high time pressure environment.
  • Short lines; organizing short meetings with high frequency to be on top of the ball!
  • Celebrating successes; cake on time!


>   TMS implementation within the deadline

>   By paying attention to the soft side, effective acceptance of the new system